First Post: a thrift store score, and perhaps a helpful tip for a troublesome dishwasher basket.

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.

I am not exactly new to journalling online, but this sort of dedicated and focused blog is new to me.  After years of writing in one or two places about every subject that came to mind I decided it was time to dedicate a blog to household projects.  My husband has never been too keen on my treasure hunting (things left at the kerb for trash pickup, Craigslist, and thrift stores,) but he has begun to appreciate the results of furniture makeovers.

For a long time I’ve not had many chances or space to work on treasures or make home improvements, but we are in contract on a house now, and this seemed like a very good time to begin the blog.  There are many makeovers, a few renovations, and other projects in mind thanks to the house, and I’ll try writing about some old ones too.

As for today’s post… I thought it would be a good place to share an awesome thrift store find.  My husband doesn’t exactly appreciate them, but hopefully anyone reading this will be a little more excited about treasure hunting.  Yesterday I was running some errands, including buying a few items for an upholstering project that I’ll be writing about, and I couldn’t help but stop at Unique.

I used to go to that thrift shop often, but it has become rather pricey, and I haven’t really found much to buy either.  Yesterday there was nothing of interest to me again, until I ran across a bit of linen in the tablecloth section.  I’m always on the lookout for linen even though I sometimes only have vague ideas of what to use the fabric for.  As I examined the cloth, in case it had any bad stains or holes, I noticed some lace-y stuff and looked closely.  Upon inspection it appeared to be hand done, in perfect condition, and of very high quality.  The lace-work decorates one side and the others are a simple hem with picot.  I began to think that the “tablecloth” was actually a flat sheet, and I put it in my cart.  Just about then a woman who’d been eying it asked if she could see.  She volunteered that it was a sheet and very nice.  Then she begged me to let her have it, but I was selfish… :shrugs:

I just finished washing it, and it is hanging to dry, but I took photos beforehand.  (Please bear with me… I had intended to make a collage rather than having giant photos.    It did not happen.) Oh, and it measures 91″x101″.

IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4762 IMG_4758 IMG_4759

I think it may even be antique?  Oh, and I forgot the best part!  I was sad to find nothing but the sheet to buy and make the stop worthwhile, but I *was* okay with the $4.99 price.  Then at the register the cashier  rang it up with 50% off, yay!

This is about all for today, but I also wanted to try sharing some potentially useful information too.  If any of you have a Whirlpool dishwasher you may know that the flatware basket on the door can *also* be set onto the lower drawer.  (Or you may not know, as I didn’t for a year or two until shopping appliances for my MIL and being shown the neat trick!)  I much prefer having the basket attached to the drawer instead of spilling out each time the door is opened, but there was a problem.  The basket easily falls off of the drawer.  All.  The.  Time.  It was so irritating, so I fixed it.

Here is how: You need two silicone (I think they are silicone) hair-ties.  I keep these around to use like rubber bands that will not eventually deteriorate.  I bought mine at a store down the street, but here are some on Amazon to illustrate the sort I am talking about.  Take one and thread it around the wire of the drawer.  Then hook the loop over the nub on the basket, obviously repeat with the other side, and ta-da: a nicely secured flatware section.  🙂