Moving day tomorrow? Or snowed in?

I have been very pressed for time due to the moving situation, so I didn’t get to write anything lately.  Luckily I have a few new projects in mind, which I can post about, thanks to the house.  🙂

Last night I heard about a big storm predicted to begin today and last through tomorrow in the NYC area.  They were predicting 20-30″ of snow or more!  The problem is that our move is scheduled for 9 tomorrow morning!!  OMG.

I wanted to try to re-schedule, but my husband wouldn’t ask the company to when they assured us they wouldn’t have to re-schedule (but that if they “did need to then we’d work it out.”)  Gah.  So, I have to rush and pack per the original plan and not find out until morning if the move is then or Thursday!  I think that sucks royally, and I would really, really prefer to have been able to take a couple more days in packing not to mention shovelling the long driveway at the house.  I woke during the night again and didn’t sleep for hours.  This morning the snowfall is said to be down to 18-24″, but that is still a complication.  The high winds are a bigger problem, I would imagine.  Big truck + wind + bridge crossings = bad, no?

Years ago, when I still lived in central NY, there was a big storm which snowed the family in at my aunt’s on Christmas day.  There were 3′ of snow, and it was a big mess.  A few people tried to leave, but they didn’t even make to it down the road.  I take this kind of snow seriously even though it is difficult to trust the weather stations these days with all the hype they create for every storm.

I had to go buy food this morning, because most is already taped up in boxes, and I have tried to empty the fridge.  There were still plenty of spices, olives, pickles, sauerkraut, but nothing actually substantial in the pantry, not even a box of pasta.  I was so good about not buying anything extra.  

I need to go pack…  I’m afraid I may not sleep until nearly Wednesday.

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