Project idea: antiqued mercury glass mirror (Part I)

This post actually began as a comment on another blog, but it was getting too long.  I also really want to begin writing about it while the idea is fresh as Part I of an eventual project.  I’m really excited about it!

The blog post that inspired me was at Happy Day Andi, and I began to comment: “This gives me a great idea to recreate a mirror I really liked but couldn’t afford!  It was made of a bunch of 12×12″ squares with little pressed glass bits at the meeting of the corners…”  At which point I realised that I had too much to say.  Time to make it a two post day.

A few months ago I saw a huge Belle Epoque mirror at the Restoration Hardware outlet, and I wished to win the lottery.  Even damaged and discounted it was hundreds of dollars, and I had a glimmer of an idea to copy it somehow.  I mean, it was all just glued together, and the tiles of the mirror reminded me of fairly cheap ones gracing the wall of a flat I once considered renting.  Surely I could glue them to a board and stick similar glass bits over the corners?  However, when I Googled in search of something to use as the key accent pieces nothing really stood out as an option.  I abandoned the idea.

Then I read about DIY mercury glass, and suddenly making a similar mirror seemed like a good notion.  Perhaps I’m just feeling more creative today, but I’ve even come up with faint ideas for the accent bits.  Pressed glass buttons, perhaps?  I’ll figure something out, so stay tuned for Part II eventually.

2 thoughts on “Project idea: antiqued mercury glass mirror (Part I)

  1. That will be really cool! One thing I will say about the mirror paint, don’t expect to use it like a real, full on mirror. The reflection is pretty blurry. But I think you could totally use it as some sort of accent piece to the mirror? Or if you want it more for decoration and not so much as a real mirror, then it would look incredible!


    • Thanks for the warning, but luckily it is only meant to bounce some light around while looking old, interesting, and cool. The blurriness will add to the charm, right? 😀

      The big question is where can I hang it? This house doesn’t have very much wallspace.

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