A Full Day to Edge; an Hour to Roll.

I am so glad to be done!  *Not really done, because all the white is only primer which awaits the “coconut ice” that I didn’t have time to brush on before the party this weekend.

done hoosier area

Yesterday I had a loooong day.  My back was nearly spasming which made it extremely difficult to work on anything.  The plan was to paint the kitchen and hopefully do some other to-do list items too.  I spent the entire day painting the edges of the kitchen, but I didn’t have a chance to do the rolling.  Today my back is barely any better, but I did the walls.  It looks pretty great at least.  My husband LOVES the shade of red, and I like it a lot, but I’ll admit that I had a lot of remorse about losing the sea-green.  I kept stopping to dwell on regrets, but there was no going back.  Since my husband despises green there was no keeping the old colour anyway.

done clock and vlad done old kitchen area

I do adore that red, but it is very different look than the sea-green.  The kitchen is our style now and the colour dramatic but… dramatically less light is bounced around too.  😉  I used flat, and it went on so gorgeously; covering with one coat.  It has such a great velvety appeal, and I need to remember to check if the paint was nicer (more expensive) than I usually select or what.  All that I recall offhand is that it is called “new brick.”  I saved the lid from my kitchen two apartments ago, and this is the fourth kitchen that I’ve used it in if you count my mother’s.  Every other time I chose eggshell, but the flat is freaking fantastic.

Here is some of yesterday’s progress:

edging kitchen edging edgin old part of kitchen

The last one shows the sea-green best.  You can see the huge difference?  The red just sucks in all of the light.  Both are gorgeous colours, but very, very different.

I also re-painted the dining area and painted the built-in shelving nook there too.  Weeks ago I already painted the living-dining room, but I knew I would run out of paint.  Foolishly I didn’t pay attention to the formula beyond having the chip and that it was flat.  I did mix the old and new, but not before painting a couple of walls.  The sheen was not even close in spite of both being flat from the same store… of different formulas (same brand.)  It caused me to have to repaint all the edges back then and today the the odd walls.  I will not be making that mistake again.

dealing with lazy work painting nook done nook again done nook

Lastly, I switched outlet covers from almond plastic to brushed nickel and also the hinges of the pantry door.  There is so much left that I hoped to do besides painting the trim and bead-board (not happening) before the housewarming party tomorrow.  I have to go to Home Depot and to buy food/beverages still.  Tomorrow is Big Cleaning too.  I’m so tired.  Having the party as a goal helped me get as far as I did, but as a control freak it irks me to have so many details unfinished.  😦  The perfectionist side of me has kept me from attempting more work than I could do my best at.  😀


Yesterday  I saw a few sprouts in the trays that I started.  Yay!  I have a few more to do next week, bulbs to plant, and plants to find homes for.  A few were delivered a day or two ago, but the areas I planned to put them in were solid granite just under the surface.  Crap.  It is snowing right now anyway.  (Go away wintery weather!)  The week after next my friend, mentioned in the gardening post, is coming to visit, so maybe she’ll get me sorted out with where to plant things?  For now I’ve decided to put most of the bulbs in two containers to make it easier.  Those were the most cost effective I could find.  I’ll drill some holes, and they should be fine?

Alright, I need to go…

2 thoughts on “A Full Day to Edge; an Hour to Roll.

  1. Thank you! 🙂
    I had to wait to respond so that I could look at the paint can… it is Behr “premium plus” paint and primer in one, dark base 1300, in “new brick.” It claims to have a lifetime warranty and “outstanding hide & coverage.”

    I don’t think I tried the premium plus formula before this, but it sure did go on great. It was impressive enough that I actually noticed a big difference and highly recommend it. (The other three times that I painted with “new brick” it didn’t look quite as good and needed more coats, but that was with eggshell rather than flat too.) If I hadn’t already bought most of our paint then I’d have used it for the dark grey in the living room for sure.


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