Dark Gardening: Even More Goth Plant Suggestions

Since last night I have poked around the internet, and I found far too many interesting dark plants not to post again.  The first beauty, which I absolutely must order, is “black cat” petunia.

black cat petunia

I’d love to have some of these strange “cummins” and “rococo” tulips too.  They are fantastic!  The look of hoarfrost on the cummins is spectacular!

rococo rulip cummins tulip

Lunaria might be fun if I could find the white flowering variety rather than bright purples, because the silvery pods are really neat, but “silver lace” dusty miller may be a better addition anyway.

silver lace dusty miller lunaria

Lastly, “moulin rouge” astrantia and “black star” calla lilies are a nice deep red and also have interesting shapes.

black star calla lily moulin rouge astrantia

I’ll recap with yesterday’s images so that everything can be seen in one place:

eyeliner lilyhello darknessred giant castorperuvian daffodil  white christmas caladiumblack charm lilyblack is blackqueen of night and maureen tulips    black swan poppypaper moon scabiosadelft blue love in a mistmother of pearl poppyoriginal sweet peadangerous mood irisdonard sea hollychocolate vineonyx odyssey hellebores*Links to the photo sources are in the previous post.

2 thoughts on “Dark Gardening: Even More Goth Plant Suggestions

  1. plus: tacca chantrieri aaaand what we call ‘gitterkraut’ in germany is some silver-glitter-dead looking plant but totally beautiful. oh and i like the ‘nachtphlox’ personally because it attracts bats ^^ ❤ – oh and ivy, ivy everywhere because its still pretty, reminds me of cemetaries and grows perfect even in the darkest corner! oh and did you know you can get: black strawberries, peppers, chilis, tomatoes and so on? sadly i had a lot of bugs who killed most of my plants but will definitely work on getting my stuff back and do a nice balcony post, maybe after wgt – june/july? when something blooms again


    • I’m about to look those up. What a cool name “gitterkraut” 😀

      We have a lot of ivy already. It is nicely draped from tree limbs between our place and the neighbour. The only trouble is that it is the invasive sort, and I’m already battling its attempts to damage the house.

      Black strawberries?! Nifty! I only have seen red or white. I’m hoping to do some black Hungarian peppers (if the checkout stops bugging out on the vendor’s website,) and I have purple-black tomatillos, black sweet corn, and “black” tomatoes. However, the food plants will all be pretty far from view. Not only do they look awesome, but I prefer to eat the most colourful and deeply colour produce that I can anyway. Win-win.

      Thank you for the suggestions. 🙂

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