The Gardening Continues

In spite of rain I’ve been gardening a lot the past few days instead of painting or doing much else in the house.  Today when I attempted to “accomplish” something inside it went poorly and made a mess instead, so blargh.  (I was going to install new shelving hardware, but the wall anchors were craptastic caused trouble, and now more patching and painting must happen instead of being able to enjoy a finished project.)  Today I ordered black “queen of night” tulips, white “the ice princess” tulips, and “greenland” tulips for spring colour starting next year.  Several varieties of plants will not arrive for a while, even until fall, but I did a lot of decorative gardening already.

In a previous post I mentioned using steel tubs as cost effective large planters, and here they are after I drilled drain holes into them:


I presume that is enough drainage considering that most pots have only one?  Today I marked the placement of bulbs and planted any that I already had.  Sadly the “hello darkness” irises will not be here and flower until next season.  We are really looking forward to those!  I ought to buy more than just two, but I cannot right now.  Also, the “eyeliner” lilies will arrive in May or so, but everything else is in as of today.

tub two tub one

How do you like my clogs?  😀  I love them and found them on eBay.  You should see my giant straw hat too!  It is meant for SCA or historical re-enactment.  😉

Over two days I created a new flower bed around our grill platform and reworked the one along the house.  I wanted to do a narrow strip around the other deck for tulips and annuals, but it turns out the existing stones are partly mortared in.  Drat.  For now I am marking the borders with stones from our yard and also gathered, precariously, from a steep hillside between us and one side neighbour.  It turns our that our yard is more moss than grass and barely covers some sort of metamorphic rock.  On the up-side the rocks are very pretty with glistening scabs of mica, glowing quartz, and gleaming black biotite (I presume it is biotite anyway.)  I also placed two trellises for the chocolate vines.  I like that they are black and gothic.  Now I want to get another or two for sweet peas.

flower bed around grill

trellis onetrellis two

I only planted the chocolate vines a day or two ago, but I swear they already grew!  Both appear to be a third larger with obviously new shoots like this:

growing chocolate vine

I’ll be very pleased if they grow well.  Some reviews complained they barely did.  I’ve been tracking by daily photo.  All of the plants I transplanted the other day look very happy.  It rained a lot since then which must have helped.  Sadly the weather will be nasty tomorrow with lows under 20 Fahrenheit.  You can see that I use leaf debris to mulch, and I plan to cover all of them with boxes or even a couple of glass domes that I have on hand.

Here is my way of organising the plants somewhat.  I used bits of paper with the names and pertinent information so that I could easily shift them around.

organising planting

Lastly is one of the starter trays.  I’ll write another post about them eventually.  I have been keeping notes about the sprouting progress or lack thereof.

seed tray

I am surprised at how easily and well cabbage and cauliflower sprout.  Some peppers have done okay, but the Romanian ones are pretty much duds so far.  Happily all the tomatoes are doing alright.  Anyway, I’ll post about that later.  Now I must go to the grocery store.

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