Cod with Onion & Capers in a Lemon, Butter, & Wine Sauce (on a Bed of Crab Cakes)

Yesterday I didn’t feel my best and napped a lot.  Since I didn’t do anything to write about I’ll share another “recipe.”  One of my favourite seafoods is cod.  (Which is also the name and subject of an interesting book by the way.)  I love the thick flakes of it, and it goes well with the way I tend to flavour things in my cooking.  In this case I began by slowly cooking a sliced onion in butter:

the onions in butter

…And I coated the pieces of cod with some flour, salted and peppered it, and sprinkled a little paprika on them.  Then I put the onion aside (leaving a few bits to almost blacken) and used the butter to brown a package of pre-made crab cakes.  (Sorry, but I like these and find them worth buying!)  I topped the cakes with a slice of lemon and used the rest of it squeezed over them.

the crab cakes and lemon

Finally I put the cod in the pan with the onions and a handful of brined capers.  I probably squeezed another lemon on it and am fairly sure I poured in a bit of white wine before covering it to cook on a low heat until flaky and done.  My husband particularly liked the cod this way although he prefers that I make something like salmon generally.  Most people would probably put their crab cakes on the side instead of cooking the cod over them, but I like them as a bed for the fish and sauce.

cod in butter with onions and capers

4 thoughts on “Cod with Onion & Capers in a Lemon, Butter, & Wine Sauce (on a Bed of Crab Cakes)

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Oh my goodness, this dish looks so amazingly good. I love the idea of cooking the cod atop the crab cakes.. I’ll have to try this dish myself. Happy Easter to you and your family, from Laura


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