Container Garden (and Other Yard & Garden Stuff)

Yesterday was another gorgeous and warm day, so of course I was gardening.  (The rest of this week is all rain after all, and we should be clear of frost.)  The main thing that I accomplished was beginning a container garden for herbs and tomatoes.

herb and tomato containers

It isn’t done, but it is a nice start.  Ideally I’d like a couple more steel tubs.  If I buy them on Amazon then I can get one free since I have a gift code, yay, but the one in the photo is from Home Depot since I found that they carry them too.  I’m going to need more soil, grumble, grumble.  It was great that HD had the tubs, because I really didn’t want to delay in starting the herb garden.  Since the containers are very near the goth-y flower beds I hope they will not distract too much from the look.  I have some dark purple basil already, and some of the tomatoes and peppers that I’ve started are black-purple too.  Hopefully that will help.  These “black egg” aubergines would have been excellent since they are also ornamental with the plant and leaves also being “black,” but I couldn’t get any.  However, I do have a variety that is rather dark which will have to do for this year.

black egg aubergine

I didn’t necessarily intend to have a kitchen garden in containers, but it turns out that the old garden bed here is going to very shaded once the neighbours’ Norway maples leaf out.  Those trees probably didn’t exist when the bed was made, but they are there now, and our entire yard will be less than ideally sunny for growing.  The most sunny area will be the decks and near them.  That is why I set up the raised bed that I wrote about the other day, and I might set up another today before the rain.  It will be convenient with the tubs right outside of the kitchen, so perhaps it all works out better.

old garden

I’m still going to use the old garden, but I really hope to have a good crop of tomatoes and peppers, so they will be near the house.  I’m afraid they will not have enough space, but re-using flowerpots and adding buckets should fill in rather than adding yet another raised bed.

When I set up the first raised bed I placed it too close to the grill area flower-bed to mow between them.  Oops.  So, yesterday I gathered up pieces of slate and added a path between them.  I’m running out of slate, but I’ll check Craigslist, because I definitely would like to finish off the area with paths all around.  I didn’t really set them into the ground properly yet, but honestly they tend to sink in just fine after a little while anyway.  You can see the nasturtiums that I transplanted yesterday too:


While I haven’t actually tilled the old garden bed yet (that task keeps shifting from to-do list to the next to-do list) I did finally move the berry canes out of it.  I also have another black raspberry arriving any day now.  Now we have a berry row between the garden and the fence.

berry row

I tried to leave plenty of mowing room this time!

The old garden is full of random heads of sprouting garlic, and I want to set most aside to grow in a proper row.  I’m feeling pretty rough after everything I did yesterday, but if I could manage it would be good to do that today before the weather changes, till it, and plant the onion sets before days of rain.  Besides all of the garlic there are crocuses, snowdrops, wild onions, and possibly peonies in there. I think these are peonies anyway:


If so that is a pretty irritating place for them, because they are sprouting up allllllll over!  If they are instead some sort of food plant then I have no idea what.  I’m not sure where to move them.  😦

Besides transplanting nasturtiums, some herbs, and a few tomatoes I put in the last of my bulbs and sowed some things.  I hadn’t finished with the bulbs in the far bed by the fence, and I added some around the tree and stump mainly due to having more than I knew what to do with.  There are already many daylilies ringing the trees and some tulips, and I wonder what colours they’ll turn out to be.  My friend noted that the daylilies were not irises, and pointed out forsythia and a lilac too.  She figures they’ll be orange (the dailyness that is.)


I put a couple of black hollyhocks, sweet peas and vining “spitfire” nasturtium seeds, black walnut gladiolus, and acidanthera around the ugly stump hoping to further beautify it.  I figure that at least some of those will grow!  😀  Sweet peas, red castor, “spitfire” nasturtium, wild thyme, and poppy seeds have been sown in various places.  I have no idea if most will even grow in the poor lighting conditions, but I had to try.  At least the front of the house actually receives afternoon sun now, I just noticed.  Sweet peas would look nice growing over the stone retaining wall, and they might just get enough light.

Alright, I think this is enough “talking” and time for more doing.  😉

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