Bad Paint

Sometimes when things don’t work out as expected the end result is even better with the changes made to the plan…

Yesterday I was very productive, yay!  Besides daily chores I finally painted the hallway, and I also worked on the garden.  Today I hope to carry on and paint the master bath walls too, but I may instead begin to set up the sewing workroom or something else. Anyway, I attempted to paint the hallway last month before we had guests over, but the paint was absolutely horrible to work with, and I gave up on it for a while.

I still don’t know what happened to that paint, but when I started yesterday I was sure to mix it well and thought everything would be fine.  It wasn’t.  The first strokes of edging were alright until I went over any with another brush-full, and then the paint became nasty, sticky, and badly textured.  Like this:

ugh what happened to this paint? nasty paint

Ugh, ugh, ugh!  As soon as this started to happen I decided to scrap the paint.  Weeks ago I had chosen a neutral similar to the current colour for the hallway.  I wasn’t entirely thrilled with taupe by now, but I needed to use something on hand if I wanted to work on it.  The dark grey of the living room would be far too dark, but the pale grey of the master bath was light, airy, and neutral too.  Plus I might just have enough of it for both rooms. (The name of the first colour was “stone harbour” from Glidden, and the one I ended up using was “polished limestone” and also by Glidden.)

After searching through my photos it appears that I never took any of the hall for a before.  Sorry!  Hallways aren’t that easy to photograph after all, and they aren’t very interesting either.  Although this one is kind of nifty having a curved wall it still doesn’t photograph well.  I did document it plenty as I painted:

while painting hall 2 while paint hall 1 colour while painitng hall

The new colour looks nearly white compared to the old, but I am glad it is so pale.  It made a bigger difference in brightening the space than I anticipated. We have chosen to keep three of the four doors off the hallway closed due to cats, and I’ve been unhappy at how dark it is.  Unfortunately the doors will remain closed, because I prefer not to have fur or other issues in the guest room to deal with, the other door leads to our master suite from which my husband banned felines, and the long-dreamt-of sewing room… to have a place with a door to hide the “mess” of projects rather than losing productivity picking things up constantly (and to prevent kitty damage too.)  Ideally I’ll replace the doors with some like this with frosted glass to let more light in, but it will not be anytime soon.  For now I just get to replace those ugly handles and paint.

The hallway has some odd trim/design features making it quite difficult to paint well.  Some of the moulding has a tiny space between it, so I had to use an artists’ brush to paint there.  Applying the trim colour is going to be time consuming interesting too.

detail brush to reach weird spot

Here are the best after photos I managed to take after it was dry last night:

hall after with light hall after hall from kitchen

…With the light on, light off, and from the other end to show how it goes with the living room’s dark grey and the kitchen’s red.  All that trim and bead-board is only primed white.  I’m not sure I’m looking forward to days of brushing on “coconut ice.”  😉

While I was painting it looked like a pale pastel blue for a bit, and I was not pleased.  My husband was home and commented that he didn’t like it, but it dried or the light changed, and it turned into an interesting grey.  I love it, actually!  I may use this “polished limestone” in a few other rooms.  It can look kind of taupe in one lighting or at some angle, but it is an awesome light stone colour in another, and it is really neat.  I’m very glad I ended up having to use it instead of the “stone harbour.”

ETA:  Here are a couple of daylight shots:

hall in daylight hall in daylight 2

Just a slight change in angle makes a big difference.

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