Guacamole Salsa & and Gardening

Mmmmm, guacamole!  My husband and I love it, so I make it fairly often (and in embarrassingly large quantities.)  Here is an example of what I use:

guacamole produce

I used to argue that guacamole should never have tomatoes in it or anything but hot peppers.  My SIL and I would tease each other constantly as we took turns making batches her way or my way.  Somewhere along the way I allowed a tomato into the mix or a sweet pepper, and… I went to the dark side.  I’m pretty sure it happened when the store didn’t have enough suitable avocados, and I used the unthinkable ingredients to stretch the batch.  Now I continue to add them since it does taste pretty good either way, and I am trying to reduce the calorie count of each guacamole binge.  😀

I’ll admit that my ingredient list varies.  It depends on what kind of peppers the store has, if I feel like brown onion, red, or white, or if I am in more of a salsa mood than avocado.  Sometimes I stick to the salsa portion and only add avocado for my husband.  Each time I play around with the order of things and try to see if there is an ideal time to include the spices or lime, but it seems to me that guacamole is pretty difficult to mess up, and each batch is delicious.

Roughly I use a ratio of peppers, tomatoes, lime, and avocado that stays about the same whether using four or six or more avocados.  If six avocados then two limes, one tomato, a couple of hot peppers (varies with type,) and either four little sweet peppers or one cubanelle.  It is always one onion and a fairly similar portion of a cilantro bunch, and plenty of salt, some cayenne and paprika, and both ground and crushed whole cumin.  I start by chopping the onion finely, then the sweet peppers, tomato, hot peppers, cilantro, and add the salt etc.  Sometimes the lime goes in then (especially if I want just salsa) but sometimes I squeeze the lime over it after the avocado is included.  I really don’t have a preference yet.

pretty peppers


salsa ready for avocadoes

I never seem to take photos of the finished batch!  I did look for a photo from another time, but I just updated Yosemite and found the new Photo application problematic.  So, no actual guacamole will be shown today.  😉  I trust you know what it should look like!  By the way, those pretty jalapeños were some that I grew on our windowsill in the flat.

Speaking of growing, I had some photos ready when I posted last week about having done more in the garden but didn’t use them.  Today it is sunny and warm, so I plan to do more yard work and gardening.  It is good enough reason to talk about what I did before…  I spaded and cultivated another quarter of the old garden bed:

garden 3:4

Then I planted three types of corn, onion seeds for use as scallions, chives, sunflowers, two types of watermelon, purple carrots, and black radishes.  Oh, and I planted a good number of garlic cloves from the store, because the earlier few were sprouting well, and I wanted to not waste two whole rows on wild garlic.  :Sigh:  There were little shoots of shallot, brown onion, and red onion too.  Here are some of the pretty “midnight snack” and Oaxacan green” corn seeds:

midnight snack black corn Oaxacan green corn

I finally moved the last of the berry canes into one patch:

berry patch

Now I just have to worry about the deer.  😦  Yesterday morning my husband finally saw them in the yard.  We had evidence that they visit, but we never actually spotted them until then.  They were munching on the day lilies in this stump garden:

stump garden

I fear for my plants!  The only thing they don’t care to eat is the stupid wild allium all over this town.  😀  I’m serious.  It is the only green thing untouched, and it is everywhere.  Last week I mowed the lawn with the reel mower, and I managed to cut down the allium pretty well although it took many passes.  The grass itself was barely tall enough to bother, but I needed to get a start on it.  I’m pleased with the reel mower, but it definitely took a lot out of me.  (I don’t think the gas powered one would be much better.)  I have been using the greens in my cooking by the way, but there is a ridiculous amount of it… far more than I can eat!  Almost none of this is grass:

wild garlic

I hope I don’t have to mow again too soon.

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