Poor, sad, neglected blog.

I have hoped to write for days now.  With the long weekend I was sure to find time and energy,…

but I did not.

Tonight I am very, very tired, so I’m not going to try and write or explain much except to say that I have been entirely overwhelmed and busy with a sudden fashion design gig in the city.  It took me by such surprise that I never even had a chance to grocery shop the workweek that it began, and I’ve been slowly adapting to the new schedule.  I do intend to begin writing regularly again (if less frequently than I might prefer simply due to a lack of energy and time to actually complete let alone write about projects.)  Don’t even ask about what I’ve been not cooking and not eating!  (Not blogging material that is for sure!)  ;D  Okay, I do have a food post or two coming up, and I have made some progress on certain projects, but I must ask for your patience.  As for tonight, here are some snapshots from my commute this evening, because what post isn’t more fun with photos?  Hey, I’m trying!  😉

Tappan Zee and replacement approaching Tappan Zee Tappan Zee commute along Hudson line Metro North hudson line view

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