An Update

I have not written in far too long!  It amazes me that the past two (TWO!) months have gone by already, and that I’ve still not adjusted to the new work schedule enough to make time for most personal matters like this blog.  I actually had the week before July 4th off, but I used the time to be really sick and then to complete as many household projects as I could physically manage.  This meant I never took a moment to write, but I do have some finished things to write about in upcoming posts.  Not only that, but I have occasionally made some interesting dinner items that I’ll share.  Also, the garden has come such a long way since I last wrote that I’ll have to break up any posts about it into a few entries.

Weeks ago, the 21st of June according to the file information, I began writing about the garden:

The weather in the past few weeks was gorgeous with almost no rain.  This meant I had to water the garden at least once a day, but it really allowed for tons of growth and plenty of enjoyment.  since I last posted photos there has been a lot of changes!  Yesterday my husband helped me clear away leftover bags of peat and soil as well as other accumulated supplies and tools.  We finally went to buy a hammock stand, and now the deck areas feel like a wonderful and relaxing oasis.

Even since then the garden has transformed a time or two with things blooming just about one variety at a time.  Unfortunately it has rained heavily and often lately which has shortened the enjoyment of any one delicate bloom to a morning or an evening before being battered away by raindrops.  Still, I enjoy it very much to sit on the patio or in the hammock or to walk around peering at every new thing.

This morning I purchased a few more types of tulips to plant in the fall.  I’m told that “you can’t grow tulips in this town,” because the deer destroy them without any hope of a flower.  However, I intend to work around this problem by setting up deer-proof netting or something.  Perhaps I’ll staple it at the top of the fence and stake it down at the ground and plant them along there?  Wish me luck!  I’m not entirely confident that the net is so deer-proof if they are persistent.  😀

I already had a few on order: “greenland,” “queen of night,” and “ice princess” (which is now gone from the site,)  Today I added “rococo,” “swan wings” (which no longer appears on the site only 20 minutes later but looks a lot like “honeymoon,”) and “cummins.”  They are all so spectacular that I cannot help but try to grow them in spite of the deer.  It would have been awesome to have some near the sidewalk in front of the big retaining wall, but I doubt that I could set up protection there without it looking hideous.  Besides, the deer frequent that area in the spring even more than our backyard.

Anyway, I must go now but will post again either today or before Monday.

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