Looking Back at my 2015 Goth Garden

I’d hoped to write and update from week to week during the growing season, but since I did not…  Prepare for many photos.  I’ve decided to make this post more of an overview, and then I’ll add another to review some of the types of plants that I grew and plans for next season.

So, here are some of the more spectacular specimens, beginning with “ismene.”  Also known as Peruvian daffodil, ismene is indeed spectacular.  They were an unplanned purchase at Home Depot, and I am very glad I did get a few of the bulbs.  They grew easily in the bulb tubs although only a couple produced blooms.  This year I would like to buy more, and I hope the other bulbs will flower too.

ismene 2

Next up is a “mother of pearl” poppy.  These were absolutely amazing.  Each one was unique, some papery white, others flecked with blush red, and a few were the most beautiful combination I’ve seen, like this.:


Selecting a shot for an example wasn’t easy.  Here was 2nd place:


More examples:


And some more, because I simply couldn’t leave them out:

A hard act to follow, but a few of another poppy variety grew too.  “Black swan.”:


I adore the poppies, but they are very delicate.  Each time I watched with anticipation as a strange bud would rise up and open to reveal the surprising hues, or lack of them, crinkled inside of it for so long.  Then, if I was lucky, I could admire the bloom for a day.  Too often rain would cut even that time short…  Or my husband would accidentally decapitate the prized flower with his quad-copter escapades.  😦  In any case, the beauty of poppies is meant to be appreciated mindful of their ephemeral existence.

The “black cat” petunia plants were one of my favourites too.  I tried to keep them alive inside for the winter, but alas no.  I’ll be ordering many more for sure!!  They did grow wonderfully all summer and spilled over the baskets and pots with numerous black, velvety blossoms.  I can’t wait for more.




And next?  The “eyeliner” lilies.  These were lovely and grew very well.



This year I hope to order some very dark red calla lilies, because I really enjoyed these, which I found at Home Depot and don’t recall the name for, and how long they remain in bloom.  IMG_0022

Rather late in the spring I picked up some black hollyhocks.  They are another winner to be purchased again.

I was very pleased with the “black Charm” lilies from Home Depot.  I’ll likely buy more at some point.  They were generally a deeper red than these photos show.


Along the way, I picked up other plants that fit with my goth scheme.  The lily bulbs are to bloom this year.  A few of the others aren’t said to overwinter in NY, but I believe they are going to since they appear nearly alive and happy even in February thanks to global warming.  I apologise for not recalling the names except that one is sweet potato vine (which I do expect to replace) and “black diamond” crepe myrtle.  It was on clearance in October, and I read online not to plant those late, but thankfully it was ridiculously warm until New Year anyway.

Next up are some shots of one of the lovely day lilies my aunt and uncle brought us on July 4th.  This one is called “noble lord.”

Lastly I have “delft blue” love in a mist.


Here are some shots that show a more comprehensive view:

Also, I don’t know what this plant is, but it was here and fits in nicely too:



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