State of the Garden (1st of April, 2016)

This evening, after work, I was enjoying glorious 78 degree weather until it rained.  Poured, really.  Hammock time over, but it has given me time at the computer to write.

bean bag kitties and hammock

The cats also enjoyed the weather, because I could open the doors and let only screens act as a magical force field to keep them inside.  (That’s how I figure they see the situation anyway.)

Things are sprouting and shooting up like crazy in the extremely warm days that we’ve had, but sadly there will three night with lows in the mid to low 20s (‘merican) soon.  I’m hoping to preserve what’s been planted by protecting it all with sheeting and hoops or something, but I am not looking forward to the work of it.

Anyway, I finally went ahead and bought a shade umbrella.  It is very welcomed, and I may get another smaller one of some sort to shade the hammock or to use on the other patio.

new umbrella

This one is from Ikea, because I liked their selection in black and white.  I do wish it had the fancy LED lights on the ribs that some other stores offer, but the colour is worth it.  Having a cantilevered one is wise for our small deck and since we don’t have a table set with a spot for a centred umbrella.  Overall I like it very much.

Another view:

new shade umbrella and patio area

I also found some lovely hanging planters at Home Goods, and you can see them in that shot.  They are tin or more probably galvanised steel with a funnel-like hole at the bottom.  I’ll be putting nasturtiums and dark, dark purple sweet peas in them?  I love the rugged and rustic look combined with the sweetness of cutwork edges and crimping.  Hopefully they’ll not be ruined by being exposed to the elements.

pretty new planters

In March I spaded up another area of the yard to add a new flower bed, and I gathered all the rocks that I could find for a border.  Then I moved some pieces of slate to make path-ways since I couldn’t source any more of them… at least not except a full pallet’s worth.   I would like to extend the paths under the length of the clothesline to the weird old garden area which one day may become a patio or something.  Perhaps I can create more flower beds too along it?  Less mowing, but more weeding!

new paths and flower bed

new flower bed and paths

Here are shots of the black elderberry bush, onyx odyssey hellebore, petunias, and red lettuce that I’ve planted already.  I’m quite pleased with the lettuce especially.  It melds very well with my flower plans.  The tulip is rather strange.  It’ll be fun when they bloom.

Lastly are some random sprouts that I have my eye on.  I sowed many types of seed, but I suspect much of these are wild things.  I’ve seen gorgeous photos of dragon’s blood sedum around flagstones, and I hope mine will germinate and take off quickly.

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