An Extremely Ambitious To Do List…

I’ve been quite absent from blogging, haven’t I?  Well, that is just about entirely due to tackling my crazy-long home improvement to do list with a level of energy and dedication that is making my head spin!  It is glorious though… I’ve made so much progress on the tasks that were delayed due to jobs (since this time of year, not long after moving in, 2015.)  Now that I have every day free (aside from weekends,) seemingly boundless supplies of motivation, and a hard deadline with our daughter’s due date: woooooooooooo progress!  😀

My usual need to improve and organise has been boosted by the hormonal nesting of pregnancy.  It is like a superpower so far, but I fear the day my stamina fails and doesn’t return.   Behold one example of organising:

fabric organisation

This is the result of eliminating three under-bed storage bin things which held all of my hoarded fabric.  It was in Mini’s room, and I planned to put it upstairs under our bed before deciding to make use of the BILLY bookcases instead.  All the fabrics are folded to fit nicely and sorted by all types of categories.  I also finally framed a 1920s fashion catalogue that I purchased on eBay years ago.  I have another floating around storage at my mother’s that I must rescue too.

'20s fashion framed


So, what else have I been working on?  Here is the list I made on April 18th with completed tasks crossed off:

Front of house
-Patch broken front steps.
-Paint foundation a more pleasing shade.
-Buy new light fixture and install with sensor bulb.
-Last bit of patching.  (I ran out of Quickcrete.)
-Last bit of painting.

Media room
-Get rid of giant speakers and console.
-Mount TV and sound bar.
-Rip out crappy laminate.
-Remove trim.
-Installl DryCore.
-Lay insulating underlayment.
-Install vinyl planks.
-Reinstall trim.
-Paint touchups.
-Arrange furniture.
-Replace coffee table.
-Paint or replace stained ceiling tile.  (or ideally change to 2×2′)
-Box in electrical panel.
-Put together BILLY bookcases and glass doors.

Storage room (now office)
-Remove stored items from storage/office.
-Rip out carpet and pad.
-Remove panelling.
-Patch and caulk.
-Brush paint.
-Roll walls.
-Paint sewer pipe with hammered finish.
-Paint ceiling.
-Change light fixtures.
-Change outlets and cover plates.
-Frame the two cinderblock walls
-Install foam insulation panels
-Drywall or panelling…
-Prime and paint newly insulated walls

Mini’s room
-Brush final trim coat on nursery panelling.
-Remove storm windows, disassemble, and replace screens.  Reinstall.
-Remove security crap from windows. Patch.
-Paint windows.
-Change light switch and cover plate.
-Buy floor lamp.
-Buy and install shades.
-Attach casters to crib. Make replacement hardware.
-Attach casters to walker and assemble.
-Bring dresser from Dad’s and refinish.
-Refinish crib or clear coat.
-Set up furniture.
-Fix leaky valve.

Main living areas and stuff
-Replace certain outlets, switches, and cover plates.
-Paint dining/living windows.
-Scrape messy paint.
-Touch up caulk.
-Repaint living/dining ceiling.
-Apply sealant on entry and hearth tile/grout.
-Sew back of sofa.
-Staple cambric.
-Sew pillow covers.
-Finish sanding dining chairs.
-Stain and wax chairs.
-Paint and modge podge travel chest.
-Touch up kitchen chairs and hoosiers.
-Reupholster recliner.
-Reaupholster little round chair.
-Finish brushing kitchen trim paint.

-Stain east side of house.
-Stain or hire west side of house.
-Powerwash patios and chairs.
-Stain patios.
-Powerwash fence.
-Stain fence.

Unfinished part of basement
-Finish painting walls.
-Rewaterproof spot on floor.
-Touch up floor paint.

-Organise storage area.
-Organise basement.
-Organise Garage.
-Organise attic.
-Organise kitchen.
-Organise sewing room.
-Organise baby items.
-Organise master closet.

-Have yard sale.

Dressing room and spiral stairwell
-Touch up ceiling paint.
-Shift PAX and MALM to left.
-Brush edges.
-Roll walls.
-Paint trim.

-Paint master ceiling.
-Touch up master bath vanity.
-Recoat walls.
-Poperly hang mirror.
-Install tub trim kit and drain.
-Install shower trim kit.

Sewing room
-Remove sewing room door.
-Mark and chisel hinge mortises.
-Mark and drill door knob.
-Install knob.
-Hang door.

As you see, this is beyond ridiculous.  I also have working on and continue to have a to do list for sewing projects (and have been gardening.)  Also I had to make many, many trips to Home Depot to haul home the flooring, sub flooring, and other materials.  Many trips…

Things are starting to shape up nicely though, and I’m very pleased.  I’ve just uploaded tonnes of photos and will be able to blog more soon to show all kinds of progress.