A Mobile for Baby

Today I was supposed to work on the rocking chair.  (It has been stripped another time, sanded, and dragged up into the house.)  I was going to tear off more upholstery, sand a little again, stain, and clear coat it, but I guess that isn’t what I really felt like doing with the day after all.  Instead I spent the entire afternoon making a mobile!  I really didn’t expect it to take so long.

finished baby mobile


The other day I spent far too much time in the craft store selecting items that might make a nice and somewhat eye catching dangly thing for the baby to gaze at from her crib.  For months I’d had a vague idea to make a mobile after seeing a few cute ones at Pottery Barn Kids or someplace, but the idea was very hazy.  Googling gave too much inspiration.  I suppose I meant to sew little things our of linen scraps, but in the store I saw sea urchin shells with a hint of purple, and I knew I had to use them.  Then I went to the bead section and chose a bunch of interesting white ceramic and glass beads.  As for the hanger part there were so many directions to go with.  I grabbed a foam wreath form to wrap with strips of pale grey linen, a wire ring for a second tier, and then spotted a galvanised plate that I really liked.  Hmmm.  There were other forms that I decided against or I could have used sticks or driftwood, but I had a feeling that I’d go with the platter.  I just hoped it wouldn’t look odd to have used a plate.   😀


mobile supplies

…and a close-up of the beads:

closeup of bead supplies

I used a ruler, grid, and marker to evenly space marks for punching holes.

Then I spent a long time stringing things onto jute cord.

closeup beads 1

closeup sea urchins and beads

It doesn’t really show, but the strings of beads at the top are a pretty iridescent purple:

top of mobile




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