Part IV: Finished Reupholstering the Rocking Chair



I’m DONE!  I finished upholstering on Friday, as planned, and I am so glad.  However, I do still need to clear coat the wood.  I waited to do that thinking it would probably get marred while upholstering, and I also have some other things to coat while I have the brush out.  Now projects on hold for “vacation.”  I am getting very antsy with only having 30-some days left before the due date and too many things I’d like to have done.  A lot of those things are sewing projects or little things that aren’t necessary, but I’d sure rather be able to.

On to the chair…

Prepared for seat back fabric with cording applied to the edge:

prepared for the seat back fabric.jpg

Stapling the seat back:

stapling seat back.jpg

Side pinned for stitching:

seat back pinned at side for hand stitching.jpg

For this piece (and most) I prefer to hand stitch the sides.  Although I despise the actual process of stitching it is easier with a proper needle.  I struggled with a regular sewing needle until partway through this chair, and I’ll never go back to the sore fingers!  A long needle allows you to stab the layers so much more easily and is very much worth buying.  Anyway, there is metal edging stuff and stiff tack bars that you could buy to staple on and such the fabric edge into and to stretch and finish sides.  I have a bunch of it and have used it, but I’m able to get better results by sewing.  Besides that I’ve found that it can open up and separate over time (this is happening on our sofa, which has its factory upholstering.)  I might as was hand stitch for the durability and better look.

hand stitching upholstery seam.jpg

hand sewn seam and piping or cording.jpg

Done!  🙂  🙂  🙂

Despite the “vacation,” the other day I did organise more of Mini’s things that were stacked in the closet and under the bed.  One morning I rearranged the room multiple times and wasn’t pleased with the space taken up by the bed.  I even found a very nice old wooden twin sized bed on Craigslist for $50, but I haven’t settled on whether to downsize or not.  Meanwhile I moved the darned bed all over the room, but it ended up going back where it started.  After all that!  😀  Now I’m left with the crib and rocker in awkward locations, but I am happy enough with the hutch, dresser and bed positioning.  I don’t know…

Here is the CL bed.  I like it (and the price) very much, but I’m not sure if it is worth replacing the one we have since a full size will be better once the crib is done being used.


I’ve also planned out a quilt to make for the bed.  While I have a nice one, that I like, it is terrible about showing (and not easily letting go of) cat fur.  I like the idea of sewing a quilt too and using colours that I choose to create the look I’d prefer in the room.  I’ll post about this next time.

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