PAX closet (and SEKKEN sliding doors)

This may not be my most interesting post, but I am very proud of what I did yesterday, all alone.  🙂  I assembled a big PAX closet with two 39″ x 93″ sections, SEKKEN sliding doors, and even managed to put the doors on the frame!  All of the instructions show it as a two person job, and the door hanging would have been much easier with a helper, but I did it!  Raaaaaaawwwwwrrrrr!  😀

There wasn’t time to install any KOMPLIMENT bars or drawers, and today I am completely worn out.  Hopefully I can manage get that done and finally organise my clothing.  All of my skirts are still in the master bathtub which seemed like the only safe/clean place to deposit them when the movers needed their wardrobe box back.  I’ve been dressing from the laundry basket for far too long and was getting cranky about the disorder, but I didn’t bring the boxes in from the garage until Sunday.  Those things are heavy.  

assembling.JPone section doors are on!

When we moved I was very sad and reluctant to leave behind my beloved 118″ x 93″ PAX and its lovely, sleek, [discontinued] glass sliding doors that I planned to reinstall on new PAX frames (they had been damaged in the last move already and couldn’t handle another.)  I like things to be very organised, and I find that this closet makes me irrationally happy.  Carefully grouped clothing, hanging in easily accessed order, gleaming behind glossy glass: it is a thing of beauty!  Uh, what can I say, it is logical to me that it makes me feel serene, but my husband just doesn’t understand why normal closets, walk-ins, or anything else I’ve seen don’t.  He hated the 118″ one, because when I moved into his flat it took over part of the bedroom and left less room for his desk area than he preferred.  When I found that it wouldn’t reasonably fit anyplace in our new house he was annoyingly pleased.  Luckily for me, I could just squeeze the current, narrower, combination with sliding doors into the room that leads into our master suite.  It was originally a bedroom, but previous owners added a second floor master suite and put a spiral staircase where the closet used to be, and I thought it would make a nice “dressing room.”  I’ve already assembled a 19″ wide section with a mirrored door along one wall with a tall narrow MALM dresser, and my BILLY shoe-case.

Time to organise my clothes!