Nasturtium Chimichurri

nasturtium, garlic mustard, parsely, spicy oregano the blend

My husband is a huge fan of skirt steak.  I like it very much as well, but he has pretty much decided that most of our evening meals should be skirt steak if it going to be any sort of steak at all.  I’m not complaining since it is easy to prepare and very tasty.  (The price is inconvenient compared to other rejected cuts, alas.)

Having skirt steak so often and preparing it simply with salt and pepper means that I’ve been trying some new things to dress it up.  Actual chimichurri is delicious and all, but I have been playing with a new food processor and trying different purees to spoon over the steak.

The food processor:

food processor

While I prefer not to clutter my countertops and tend to take the long route in all things this appliance has been a big help now that I’m in the city for work and am exhausted by suppertime.  The reviews were correct about the gasket being a particle trap, and the smaller bowl isn’t entirely as awesome as it sounded, but it still helps.  If I buy another few pieces maybe that would be best since our dishwasher is the world’s slowest (and I agree with some reviewers that this is a machine wash item.)  Anyway, I like the look and design a lot too besides having a choice to use less dishwasher space or the big bowl as needed.

One night I wanted to use the piquant little nasturtium leaves growing all over for something, and the food processor made it possible to do more than add them to a salad.  I used a handful of them, some parsley, a red pepper, garlic mustard from the yard, a little onion, and spicy oregano together. Of course I added olive oil, salt, and a bit of vinegar too.  Another night I put a garlic clove into the mix since the wild garlic mustard was about done.  Either way it is good.

skirt steak with nasturtium chimichurri skirt steak another night

Chimichurri, Grilled Skirt Steak, and Grilled Aubergines with Tahini and Yoghurt

Well, I didn’t get to post for a few days, which I expected.  My grandparents and mum left on Sunday, and yesterday I had a bunch of chores to complete, so here I am today.  I’m going to write about food again, because I want to ask permission to use some photos before writing about all of the fence repairs we did over the weekend.  😉

The weather has been completely gorgeous, so I’ve been grilling a lot.  I made chimichurri sauce last week and used the remainder last night.  It is a simple but tasty condiment, and it isn’t too difficult to make even if using a mortar and pestle as I had to.  One of these days I must get a food processor.  Chimichurri is just a bunch of parsley crushed with garlic, spicy oregano, black pepper, some red pepper flakes, salt, olive oil, and vinegar.  I didn’t have as much of the oregano as I’d have liked since my plant was still really small.  It is the most wonderful stuff with a real bite to it!

chimichurrin ingredients making chimichurri done smooshing chimichurri chimichurri

I also grilled some aubergines and served them topped with tahini and yoghurt.  It is ridiculously easy to make but very delicious.  Just quarter the aubergines lengthwise, score them, scatter salt, pepper, and hot paprika over them, drizzle with olive oil, and grill.

aubergines grilled aubergines chimichurri and aubergines grilling skirt steak aubergines and skirt steak skirt steak with chimichurri and salad

I’ll post another time about the grilled salmon Sunday night since this is already pretty full of photos.