Grilled Salmon with Dill & Shallots

One of the meals that I made for supper recently was salmon on the grill.  I’d not tried that before, but it turned out tasty.

grilled salmon

I began by sprinkling it with garlic salt, hot paprika, and black pepper.  Then I thinly sliced a shallot and a lemon and topped the salmon with them and dill.  I squeezed the rest of the lemon over it and drizzled it with olive oil before grilling.  Yum!

spiced and seasoned salmon slicing shallot salmon ready for grill

Chimichurri, Grilled Skirt Steak, and Grilled Aubergines with Tahini and Yoghurt

Well, I didn’t get to post for a few days, which I expected.  My grandparents and mum left on Sunday, and yesterday I had a bunch of chores to complete, so here I am today.  I’m going to write about food again, because I want to ask permission to use some photos before writing about all of the fence repairs we did over the weekend.  😉

The weather has been completely gorgeous, so I’ve been grilling a lot.  I made chimichurri sauce last week and used the remainder last night.  It is a simple but tasty condiment, and it isn’t too difficult to make even if using a mortar and pestle as I had to.  One of these days I must get a food processor.  Chimichurri is just a bunch of parsley crushed with garlic, spicy oregano, black pepper, some red pepper flakes, salt, olive oil, and vinegar.  I didn’t have as much of the oregano as I’d have liked since my plant was still really small.  It is the most wonderful stuff with a real bite to it!

chimichurrin ingredients making chimichurri done smooshing chimichurri chimichurri

I also grilled some aubergines and served them topped with tahini and yoghurt.  It is ridiculously easy to make but very delicious.  Just quarter the aubergines lengthwise, score them, scatter salt, pepper, and hot paprika over them, drizzle with olive oil, and grill.

aubergines grilled aubergines chimichurri and aubergines grilling skirt steak aubergines and skirt steak skirt steak with chimichurri and salad

I’ll post another time about the grilled salmon Sunday night since this is already pretty full of photos.

Burgers with Roasted Sweet Pepper, Portobello Slices, Bacon, and Slices of Tomato & Onion

Tuesday was my husband’s birthday, and I made him burgers on the grill for supper, because he loves burgers.  They turned out well, and he claimed his was the best burger he’d ever had.  😀  Meanwhile I’m not much of a burger lover, so I tried using toppings to make up for the beef on a bun thing.

I cut thin slices of a white onion and tomato slices leaving them raw, of course.  The sliced portobellos were grilled along with two big, sweet, long red peppers, a couple of thick cut bacon slices, a serrano pepper, and the burgers.  Now that I’ve had grilled bacon I resolve to never cook it inside again.  Not only was it tastier, but no mess or smell inside!  Woot.

burger toppings

Anyway, I assembled the burgers with bun, patty, mushrooms, [serrano on mine] peppers, bacon, then the onion, tomato, and top of the bun.  The patties were only sprinkled with pepper, salt, and MSG before grilling.  It was a quick and easy meal with not much to clean up, so I’ll surely make these again.

assembling burger

I apologise for not writing for so many days until now.  We were travelling a lot, and I haven’t felt so well either.  Driving, cooking, and cleaning are about all I’ve done before sleep, and I haven’t had anything to write about even if I’d had the energy.  Today I woke up finally feeling rested, so hopefully I’m back on track.  🙂

Today is to be the warmest and sunniest day yet of 2015.  We aren’t sure what we’ll do with it yet since friends are coming to visit, but you can bet we’ll be outside.  😉  I hope you readers are having some gorgeous weather to enjoy today too.

Simple grilled kebobs and stuff: Bok Choy, Beef, Shrimp, Mushrooms, and Peppers (also Sesame Bok Choy)

Yesterday we bought a grill, and of course we used it right away.  I made a few things.  Some were simple like bok choy, cooked on foil, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Tomatoes and little, sweet, or hot, peppers are even easier.  I just grill those with nothing added.  As for the mushrooms, I dribbled a few spoonfuls of the marinade that I prepared for the shrimp over them while skewered and grilling.

prepared grilled

My shrimp marinade last night: the juice and zest of a couple of lemons, the juice of half a grapefruit, olive oil, garlic salt, fresh ground black pepper, fresh parsley, and a few pressed cloves of garlic.

For the beef kebobs: white vinegar, half a lemon and its zest, fresh parsley, olive oil, a few pressed cloves of garlic, black pepper, garlic salt, MSG, and water.  The longer they can marinate the better.  If there isn’t much time then add tenderiser powder.

The bok choy is particularly good roasted or grilled, but it is best eaten in small quantities.  Last night my husband wouldn’t have any thanks to the first time when I oven roasted it.  It was so delicious that we ate the entire pan, but then we regretted it, and he’ll not try it again.

Edit: I am adding something I just tried tonight.  dress up the bok choy with sesame oil rather than the olive oil then sprinkle it with black sesame seeds before grilling.  It is good!

ready to grill