Making an Easy, pretty, and Budget Sewing Machine Table


A few years ago I bought a Pfaff industrial treadle sewing machine base/treadle off Craigslist.  I had acquired a vintage Necchi sewing machine, but when I used it in my Singer treadle base it ran obnoxiously slowly.  Industrial treadles have a larger flywheel which gives them more speed.  I searched and eventually found one, but the tabletop had been refitted to an odd model of machine with a longer oblong cutout.  😦  After bringing the treadle home I went to Home Depot to consider my options.  I ended up with a very cheap piece of ply-wood stuff and some embossed mini-trim.  The plywood was very soft and prone to damage, but it was cheap and the ideal size.

Checking out the positioning:

before doing anything

I measured and cut the trim with mitred edges and attached it with glue and nails.  Then I measured and drew cutting lines for the machine to sit in and sawed away:

glued on trim measuring and placing guidelines cutouts and drilled holes

Next I sanded and stained the tabletop.  Here are some detail shots of the trim:

trim detail corner detail

I set the hinges in place, screwed them in, and positioned the machine.  Done!



It sews nicely now.  This project happened three or four years ago, but the table held up better than I expected given the softness of the wood.  I dust it occasionally or wax it, and it still looks swell.