“BILLY” bookcase as a dust free shoe-case

Hello and happy 2015!

I sure wish I had written a post or two between the last and now, but things have been really hectic with the holidays, tiling a backsplash for my mother-in-law, and some other things.  Meanwhile I began some posts but didn’t finish them yet.  One project that I worked on will be featured in a post soon: revamping ugly grout with a sealing stain product.  That was… interesting.  😉  Aside from that I am about to begin re-upholstering our sofa and will show the process step by step.

The sofa:

Sofa with new cushion and blanket for now

Today I will be cutting fabric and sewing the pillow and cushion covers, but before that I have to repair a broken marble dry-sink trough.  My next post will likely be about mending the cracked marble.

For this post I’m sharing a shoe storage idea that I have used for about two years now and am very pleased with.  Before moving in with my now-husband I, like most people, simply kept my shoes on an inexpensive shoe-rack in the coat closet.  Well, when I moved in with him I was irked that there was no such coat closet, and even if there was we each wouldn’t have had enough space.  Additionally I dislike when things are not “away” and out of sight although a couple of often used pairs for each of us can be left near the door if kept orderly.  😉

So, at first I bought some sturdy and nice-looking shoe shelves from Amazon, and I installed them as a towering unit in the bedroom.  It was great!…  Until the dust began to build up.  Meanwhile his shoes were on a wire rack in his clothes closet.  Neither of us were thrilled to have to remember to grab the pair we were going to wear before leaving, and the dust became a big problem on mine.  For some reason this building has levels of dust that I’ve never encountered before, and in spite of vacuuming every other day my shoes were coated in it before long.  Nobody has time to periodically vacuum each and every shoe they own inside and out, plus the shelves, so I had to come up with a better solution.  Enter the Ikea “BILLY” bookcase.

Several years earlier I purchased a couple of BILLY units and set of etched glass doors, and I had been using the one with doors for my sewing supplies (and one without doors for books.)  The doors made a huge difference in dusting requirements, so I went off to buy another pair for the bookshelf.  As I perused the specs I wondered if my shoes would fit, measured, and they did!  Wonderful, so I ended up buying another unit, pair of doors, extra shelves, and put everything together.  Every pair of shoes, even boots, has a space, and I haven’t had to dust any yet.  Perfect.

Unfortunately the frosted and etched doors I had bought years ago weren’t available any longer.  I had to clear but etched instead.  My husband would like for me to put rice paper or something behind the clear glass, but I don’t mind the current look with the darkness of the “black-brown” finish.  Currently Ikea doesn’t even have etched glass, which I am sad about, but paper, fabric, or paint can be a fun solution if you want to hide things and personalise.  This certainly isn’t the cheapest shoe rack, but if your shoe size accommodates it (I’m a 37 or 38) I think it is a excellent storage solution.

Here is my BILLY shoe-case:

shoe BILLY  BILLY pair

I didn’t even pretend to organise the sewing BILLY for you.  This is the clutter as we generally see it… in our living room.  😀  We both cannot wait until we move into the house where I have an entire sewing room.  Aside from that clutter I do really like the look of two+ BILLYs almost like one unit.  If I had reason to I might have a whole wall-full.  *Don’t tell my husband, but I am thinking of using the same set-up in our house, too, but storing my purses/bag in the second unit.  (Right now I only use the same daily backpack-purse even if we go someplace nice, because the others are all in storage above a 93″ tall PAX closet which is definitely not ideal.)