The BEST Wallpaper in the World!

Today I reluctantly moved boxes, bolts of material, sewing machines, and tools out of the room designated for sewing and projects.  Why?  …Because wallpaper.

guest room and sewing room before IMG_8241

IMG_8247 IMG_8248 


It wasn’t the most hideous and a part of me could even find it cute, but I really didn’t want a busy pattern in the workroom to interfere with visualising things or clashing as a background in photos.  Once again I felt a little bit sad and guilty to make the change, but I had decided to go ahead and make it the space that I wanted instead of working with the paper.  Except, I was dreading the wallpaper removal.  Over the past couple of months I put off purchasing any supplies required or paint.  I asked my mother, my friends, and Home Depot employees if I could just please get away with painting over it against all my and their knowledge.  Nope.  It had to go if I wanted to paint, and I do always like to do a job correctly if I’m putting in the effort.  Finally I bought paint and removal tools.  Still, I dragged my feet.

Today turned out to be the day to begin for a few boring reasons.  (I will not have as much free time in the future and with any luck that will be soon.)  I’ve also been distracted with many sewing ideas in the past weeks, but every last implement is still boxed up.  Nothing can be made until everything is unpacked, organised, and set up.  😦  So, I put myself together and spent half of the morning moving the boxes and such into the guest room (making an unsettling mess in there.)  I’ll sure be motivated to finish this room quickly!

Then I opened up the scoring tool and scraper packages, found a spray bottle and a sponge, and read the stripper instructions.  Before saturating anything I tried prying up a corner of the paper, and OMG!!!!  The corner came up and I was able to peel the entire sheet off in one piece!  Not only that, but in under three minutes I’d peeled off half a wall!!!!  It only took half an hour or so to remove all of it.  I’ve rolled up the paper to re-use as drawer liners.




I can hardly believe how lucky I was with this wallpaper, and I am thrilled that it did not take days.  I’ve already patched the many holes and few sections that pulled away.  I guess I’ll sand today as well before other chores since one is vacuuming and mopping.  Tomorrow I’m busy but perhaps I could begin painting Friday?  I believe I’ll need to start with the ceiling, much as I hate to bother, because it is a bit dirty and messed up.  😦  Also, I wish I hadn’t opened the scoring tool and could return it along with the stripper stuff, but I can’t really complain about this project too much.  I might manage to have the room done and organised next week, and that would be great!